So it was actually F’s scene I ended up working on this week, and…I’ll definitely be getting it finished by the end of today!!!

I’m pretty amazed I did manage to finish, as I got a bit indulgent in some places :D But then if I’m going to indulge on anyone’s route, I imagine F would very much encourage that it was theirs, hehe!

Also got to add in a variation for F’s route that’s very exciting and relates to backstory stuff F has yet to reveal. Though you only get it in one option of a choice set in this scene, there will be other chances to get it too, it just happened to fit really naturally in that one moment.

These chapter eight scenes for F are probably the most intense ones I’ve written for F so far, but in very different ways depending on if you pick research or combat, and then obviously the choices you choose in those scenes. It was quite a turn, but I really liked bringing out those different scenes for F!

I’m thinking it’s a really good sign that I’m struggling to pick which are my favourite version of chapter eight for the love interests: combat or research!

I also got to write in a little Dragon Age easter egg, which I’ve been dying to do for sooo long, hehe! :D

Next week I’ll be moving onto M’s scene! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for Chapter 8!

Hope you all the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk to you soon <3