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The Wayhaven Chronicles - update 15.07.2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Chapter 15 is finished, and I’m powering through Chapter 16!

It’s been quite the motivating week, hehe! :D

Chapter 15 actually took longer than I expected, as I added in some extra scenes. Where as Chapter 14 was the date chapter with the LIs, I wanted 15 to be more of a sort of ‘catch-up’ chapter with the other characters. I was going to leave out a couple of characters who may pop up later depending on player choices, but decided to have them in there.

So I wrote extra scenes for them, and I’m SO glad I did, as it fit in really perfectly. Kind of sets things up too for later events…

But I did go back and forth on if I wanted it. When I thought I didn’t, I deleted the scene I was working on, then one night I was led in bed realising I really did want it, so the next day I had to rewrite about 2000 words worth of stuff I’d already done, lol. Normally I do save scenes I cut, just in case they can be used later, but from some reason I didn’t this time. But you live and learn, right?

After 15 was done, I was going to start some editing that I really need to catch up on…but I dove right into Chapter 16 instead! :D I’m glad I did because I’ll be able to finish the first section of it today!

Next week, I will have to take a couple of days for editing. Not my favourite thing to do, but definitely a very important task that can’t get left behind. But it does mean I get to play through the game again, which always gets me super excited, so I’m looking forward to that already!

Still, I’m hoping even with those days out of writing that I can really push through Chapter 16. It has split scenes, but they’re nice and flowing ones. 15 and 16 are the set up scenes for the endings, so there’s no branching or anything, which obviously means things progress much quicker with writing them!

Unfortunately, Nai and her family came down with covid this week. They’re all okay, just feeling super unwell and having to stay at home. I’ve made sure to tell her not to do anything but focus on recovering, so there won’t be much social media until she’s fully well and feeling up to it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3

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