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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 12.04.2024

So close to finally being done with the character creator, editing, and clean up code (though I think that will be something I continue to do as I’m writing and find variables I can condense or sort out)!

This part has taken soooo much longer than I planned or wanted, but I have to remind myself it’s worth the work—especially when it means I can just transfer what I’ve spent so long sorting for this book to the next one and just add on the variables for the last book. It does make me realise just how many threads and branches Wayhaven now has!…But also makes me all the more excited to get to write them when I see where they are going! :D

But I’m getting some serious writing withdrawals…to the point that I may have done a little bit towards the next chapter this week, lol!

At least once this is completely done, the writing should progress much quicker, and I can really settle myself into the actual story writing. Something I am even more eager for after going over Chapter One’s writing for editing! I absolutely love what I have! The love interest openings gave me such romantic (and sometimes steamy!) vibes. It sets the perfect tone for how the book really will have that seriously romance focus, particularly with the villain pushing the love interests forward on that, hehe! ;D

But I’m excited to get into the storyline for this book too! Something very different for what I’ve done with Wayhaven so far, and even a mechanic I have only for this book! I’ll be excited to find out how your MC’s react to it!

I will be pushing on to get the final tasks done on this demo chapter and get it over to the editor this weekend. It IS happening this weekend, even if I have to stay up all day and nights, lol! Which means next week it’s back to writing! Yay! I am SO ready for that, as well as being much quicker at it, lol! :D

Hope you all have the most fantastic weekend! I’ll be working the weekend, but will be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week! <3


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