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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 14.04.2023

Aaaahhhhh!!! Book Three is out! People have played it! People are enjoying it!

*incoherent screaming*

I have been such a happy buzz all week! :D

But I did manage to get my brain to work past the internal ecstatic dancing in order to get a lot done too, hehe!

I wanted to make sure I was on top of any bug fixes that came through and get those back asap. There's a stat-based one I'm still working on checking out, hopefully will find the issue with that soon, but all the rest I've managed to send back without problem.

Around that, I managed to lightly plan out the opening to Book Four, which is different than my original thoughts, but I think this works WAY better. The original idea I had will now just come later at the start but my original plan had it opening right in the middle of the action like Book Three (which is a preference of mine) but I realised I really didn't want that this time around.

I also managed to look through the variables and coding etc to start looking at what I can streamline. A bit of housekeeping, as it were, lol! I'm still learning a lot about coding with each book, so hopefully each one will get smoother to write as I go!

Also got to answer Book Three asks, which was SO much fun! Getting to see everyone's excitement over Book Three just made me even more pumped for Book Four!

And I also managed to schedule up the Spring Scenario Specials on Patreon after going over those again to check for possible spoilers (think A's has a minor spoiler for Book Three, but I have noted it!):

Golden Memories (Nate/Nat Special) - 12th April

Looking after Dylan, the golden retriever, brings back happier memories for Nate/Nat, as well as a chance to get some quality couple time!


"Take your shot" (Adam/Ava Special) - 19th April

A game of paintball turns into an impromptu training session—but both the MC and Adam/Ava seem to be having far more fun than expected...


You are my Haven (Felix/Farah Special) - 26th April

After receiving a voucher for a couple's treatment, Felix/Farah and the MC head into the Big City to take full advantage of the relaxation together.


Leave it in Dust (Mason/Morgan Special) - 3rd May

Mason/Morgan reluctantly (very reluctantly...) agrees to help the MC give their apartment a Spring spruce-up. But when Mason/Morgan finds some of the MC's memories hidden beneath the dust, they realise how much more they want to know about them...


Next week, I am really going to throw myself into Book Four planning now! My brain is practically exploding with ideas, and I need to get them down and start organising where I want things and how it's going to happen.

And plan for that big formal ball scene we've all been waiting for...

Masquerade, anyone?



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