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The Wayhaven Chronicles -Update 15.09.2023

As I’m fast approaching my end date for planning, I’m barely able to contain myself for getting writing! :D

Though I have got a list of some ‘housekeeping’ I want to do once I get started. There’s definitely some things I’ve learned with coding that I can streamline, so I’ll be adding those in before I get going on the opening scene (which hopefully will certainly leave an impact…;D).

I’ve also got to make a final decision on a certain new stat I’m thinking of adding.

I’m wondering whether to add a stat for ‘Agency Reputation’. This wouldn’t be like the hidden stat that tracks how the overall supernatural community views the MC but would show what your colleagues at the facility think of your character.

It would be a text-based stat and would be things like: heroic, feared, resilient, etc.

But there’s already personality stats and new Agency skill stats, so I’m not sure adding something ELSE would be a good idea. Might just be too much to track for me for coding, as well as too much information for the player.

Yet, I do really like the idea of making playthroughs even more individual, but I guess something like reputation is something I could headcanon for my characters…so I’m undecided.

(I realise it seems like I’m blabbering, hehe! But I like to share, if I can, the process of how I work these things out and so you can get a sense of where I’m at and why things do or don’t get added!)

The Book One refresh is really coming on a pace too! I’m only getting the weekends to work on that as I like to focus on Book Four during the work week, but I’m still managing to push on with it. I’m also taking the opportunity to note down anything I may have forgotten from Book One as I go, as I can clearly remember the big moments, but the smaller ones are still impactful and I might want to bring up in future books.

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! We’ll be offline, so I’ll talk to you all again next week!

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