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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 01.06.2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

I know for those who might not have seen my update last week that you're probably thinking this update is super early! That's because it's the Jubilee long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, so I wanted to get this out before that short break!

As well as get very happy about the fact Chapter 13's writing is complete! :D

It still needs editing, but I tend to do better at leaving editing for a bit before doing it. Coming back with fresh eyes to it definitely means I'm more effective, as well as giving my brain time to work on how I want to rewrite certain bits!

But it was also an awesome chapter as I finally got to reveal Nate/Nat's long awaited [Redacted] endearment for the MC! We got in contact with a really lovely translator, who not only confirmed what I was hoping to use, but she was kind enough to offer other options as well! One of them had me really torn and almost changing my mind, but I ended up sticking with the original as it's become so much a part of N's character for me now.

I’m working on some editing on Chapter 8 for SpunkyCat today. So close to sorting out all the mess for that chapter! It's a real struggle to get through it, but the end is in sight!

So when I get back next Monday, it means I'll be straight onto Chapter 14! Aahhh!!

Chapter 14 is a big one again. It's pretty much 4/5 different versions of it because it is the 'date' chapter with each love interest...Been looking forward to writing these scenes for a very loooong time!

Social media days will also be the week I get back, but I have gone ahead and scheduled in some of the Character Q&A asks for Patreon for the weekdays.

I hope you all have the most fantastic time! We'll be offline, so I'll update you all again on the Friday I get back! <3

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