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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 20.05.2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

I smashed Chapter 12 in the end! :D

I thought I was going to be finishing it off at the beginning of this week, but instead I blasted through it last Saturday and got it done!!

Which meant on Monday I could do editing, and on Tuesday I started Chapter 13!!!And then, I've been hammering through Chapter 13 too!!

Yeah, it's been a seriously good week, hehe!

Though I do have to give a HUGE thank you to DashingDon for being a massive help when I had trouble this week with the edit version. They were straight on it and got it fixed so fast after I'd been struggling for soooo long.

They really provide such an amazing site for choicescript creators! Definitely deserves all the support we can give! <3

But after finishing fighting with that and getting some Chapter 8 edits up ready for SpunkyCat to look over, I did move onto Chapter 13. I should have done more editing really...but I was way too excited to get onto 13, especially as I knew what was coming up and have been itching to write it for a very long time!!

Is there some angst in 13?...Oh yeah.

Do we got a little peak at what a heartbroken love interest could look like in 13?...Oh yes we do.

Chapter 13 is also a much more straightforward chapter without any split scenes until the end third section, so I've been managing to blast through it. It feels soooo good to make such major progress.

The branches and variations are what I want Wayhaven to be about, but it is nice to have a chapter where it's just the MC and one other character. And this scene certainly brings a lot of tension to the mix because of it just being the two!

Next week, I'll be continuing on with Chapter 13, though may have to take an afternoon or two for more editing depending on how SpunkyCat gets on. She's a lot quicker at editing than I am!

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next Friday! <3


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