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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 23.02.2024

Well, Mason/Morgan decided to co-operate this week, and I managed to get their opening scene finished way quicker than expected too! Thinking about it now, I suppose N’s was more complicated because it has a choice set in it that was super important, but the other LI routes don’t have that choice yet, so it took a bit more working to make sure that was written in smoothly but also worked as an actual game mechanic-type choice.

But M’s was an absolute dream to write! There is a moment in it that has to be the most romantic moment for them yet! It’s a small thing, a simple gesture, but it means a lot because that is M’s way of showing their affection and care. It really made my heart go pitter-patter when writing it and hopefully will for yours too, hehe! :D

After finishing up M’s scene, I moved straight onto the Love Triangle scene. I had a seriously fun moment where I decided that I wanted each choice in this certain choice set to give a different, funny anecdote at what UB (specifically A and N, with it being the love triangle route!) have been up to in the few weeks that have passed.

Coming up with different ideas of what might have happened and why it amused N so much certainly kept me smiling! :D

I’m hoping to get the Love Triangle scene pushed further forward today, then have it finished on Monday. Then I will be actually testing out everything I’ve written so far! This is part of the new editing kind of system thing I’m hoping to bring in. There’s so much variation and branching now, that it’s just going to be impossible to finish a chapter and test the whole thing after it’s fully completed. Too much is going to be missed, so I definitely needed a new way to test and edit as I go.

So, I’m hoping to break up the chapters into chunks that I will test and edit before moving onto the next section of the chapter. Hoping it will be much easier and quicker to catch errors that way! But we’ll see how it goes as I do it, hehe!

I hope you all have the most fantastic weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week <3


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