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French Literature
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Meet "Sera"

My name is Mishka Jenkins (aka Sera), the creator behind Seraphinite Games. 

I create interactive fiction, visual novels, and other creative interactive projects that people can indulge and lose themselves in.

My goal when I create something is to provide a story that is an escape for me to create and also an escape for those who read it. Everyone needs time away from the real world, and that's what I'm hoping to give!

Meet "Nai"

My name is Nai, Mishka's sister and

Executive Assistant at Seraphinite Games.

Having worked for most of my working career in Administration and Projects, I try to help Mishka achieve efficiency and harmony - a hard task with

the way her quick fire brain works!


Now that I am part of the Seraphinite Games team, I love the creativity of it! I get to use skills I never knew I had and I am loving it - and I get Mishka lets me colour code everything!


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