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The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three

Mad scientist vampires, supernatural carnivals! Can there be anything else?


As you settle into your new life working with Unit Bravo—and growing ever closer to one member in particular—life goes on. But so does the supernatural world.

A string of kidnappings takes over Wayhaven and, once more, you’re called in to help as it quickly becomes apparent there’s more going on than what’s on the surface.

Even worse when the kidnapper’s focus turns on you…and you’re the only one with the power to deal with them!

It’s time for bids to be placed.

But when the gavel drops…better make sure it’s not you who’s the next lot

Find out more and play the demo HERE!

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two

Two months have passed since the bloody showdown with Murphy. Wayhaven has returned to its peaceful routine, and you’ve returned to your less-than-thrilling job as detective. But with your new role as human liaison to The Agency—an organization that governs the supernatural—things should be far from dull.

Along with the job comes Unit Bravo, the team you are learning to live with on a more permanent basis. And with one of them comes the continuation of feelings that were just beginning to be explored…

But an altogether different presence is rolling into Wayhaven, cloaked in striped tents, blazing lights, and clouds of cotton candy.

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The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One

Your first case as a detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought. But maybe it's better to keep them closed. Knowing too much doesn’t help anyone sleep at night! Seems the supernatural didn’t get the memo that nothing exciting ever happens in the little town of Wayhaven.

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One is a thrilling 440,000 word supernatural romance interactive fiction where your choices control the story. 

Experience the big and small moments with a host of characters throughout this exciting twist on the usual supernatural tale—a story which will take you through heart-pounding romance, smile-filled friendships, and shiver-inducing drama.


  • Play as female, male, or non-binary—with options to be straight, gay, or bisexual.

  • Discover the start of distinct and lasting romances with the vampires of Unit Bravo.

  • Define and refine relationships with a variety of characters-from friends, family, exes, and enemies.

  • Decide how you will fulfill the job of detective, through Deduction, Combat, Science, or People skills.

  • Discover the truth of what awaits in Wayhaven in a playstyle that suits your personality.

  • Indulge in true moments of romance, friendship, drama, and fun!

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