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When will The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two be released?

There is currently no estimated release date for Book Two. 

But you I do post weekly progress reports on my Tumblr as well as asks every weekday or you can become a Patron on my Patreon to get access to the weekly update+ and other exculusive goodies.

Is the love triangle route in The Wayhaven Chronicles poly-amourous, or will I have to choose?

The love triangle route will not end in a poly-romance. 

Even if the main character was comfortable with that, Adam/Ava and Nate/Nat wouldn't be, their far too close and too much like siblings for that to work for them.

Do I have to choose the flirt options to continue the romance?

You never need to choose the obvious flirt options to continue the romances.

You can choose any option which suits your character best and the romance will still progress. The responses and scenes will just vary depending on your choice. 

Do I need to concentrate on the stats during the game?

The Wayhaven Chronicles was made to simulate the reader being in a story rather than a game, as such, the stats are in place more for variations in scenes than gameplay. 

The Wayhaven Chronicles is more choice and story based than stat-based.

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