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I found a bug in the game - where do I need to report it?

Sorry to hear you've encountered a bug. The quickest way to get these resolved is to email it to Nai at:

Is the love triangle route in The Wayhaven Chronicles poly-amourous, or will I have to choose?

The love triangle route will not end in a poly-romance. 

Even if the main character was comfortable with that, Adam/Ava and Nate/Nat wouldn't be, their far too close and too much like siblings for that to work for them.

Do I need to concentrate on the stats during the game?

The Wayhaven Chronicles was made to simulate the reader being in a story rather than a game, as such, the stats are in place more for variations in scenes than gameplay. 

The Wayhaven Chronicles is more choice and story based than stat-based.

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