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Green Coral and Fish

Diving in deep

When underwater archaeologist, Quinn, discovers an artifact in the ruins she is exploring just offshore, she doesn’t realise the significance of it. At least, not until she comes face to face with the owner of the artifact… who happens to have a tail.


When Tiana finds herself house-sitting a mansion, she thinks her life is taking a turn for the better. 
Little does she know the house is not what it seems… and neither are the two occupants who both wish to lay claim to her heart.

Contested ownership barely covers what's happening at The Crossroads.

Country Manor
Porcelain Cups


Scandal. Gossip. Mismatches. 

What will fuel this Season's gossip? And will you be able to keep yourself from being burned by it? 

As the daughter of a Viscount, and heiress to a small fortune, you are invited back into society even after years of seclusion at your family's estate. 


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