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Commanding Agent Adam/Ava Du Mortain

If you find "emotionally repressed" in the dictionary, you'll find Adam's/Ava's picture next to it. Serious and work oriented, it takes a lot to get them to smile, and even more to be considered a friend. Their icy green eyes are always guarded, but a wall always has cracks. What slips through is thoughtful and tender.

Dressed in cargo pants with closely cropped blonde hair, Agent du Mortain could pass as military personnel. Being the leader of Unit Bravo, they're work oriented and no nonsense, a smile a rare sight. It takes work to be considered their friend, when teasing results in fun banter instead of a dented filing cabinet.

It's almost like playing a game of cat and mouse. They smile only to frown, reach for your hand only to walk away, making your heart speed up only to trample it underfoot. Why do they step forward only to hustle away? Is it fear holding them back, or something else? You scare them. The thick wall they built up around themself suddenly doesn't feel like enough, the lessons they thought they'd learned suddenly feels simultaneously heavier and lighter. Your smile lights up their days, your laugh making their heart speed up. They want to kiss you, to hold you, to make you their's but they're so scared of that line, of what it would mean to step over it.

Agent Nathaniel/Natalie Sewell

Soft hugs, warm smiles, Nate/Nat might as well be a teddy bear in disguise. A bookworm with an encyclopedia for a brain, if they don't know an answer to a question, they're going to find it. First to offer a hand in need and the first to smooch at a dog, you won't find a bigger heart than their's. 


They have a way with people, their calm, approachable demeanor genuine. Thoughtful brown eyes and a warm smile can help loosen any tongue. Second in command of Unit Bravo, it's their job to know the answer to any question tossed their way, and their job to find out if they don't. Best friends with Adam, their soft nature is a direct clash with Adam's coldness. 

Nate's/Nat's love is like a hug: warm, genuine, and safe. It's like coming home after a long day at work and knowing you can shed your mask. Being in the same room with them is like being home. Your safety is their priority, even though you can take care of yourself. 


They thought they knew what love felt like until you walked into their life. The love they'd had with others was just the tip of the iceberg - what you two share is untreated territory. Deep, true, intense. It urges them to keep you safe at all costs, even though they know you're more than capable of taking care of yourself

Agent Felix/Farah Hauville

Need a friend to bar hop with? An accomplice in troublemaking? Maybe even just a bad influence? Felix/Farah is your person. The first to poke fun at any heavy moment, if someone isn't smiling then their job isn't done. They're quick to make friends and enjoys new experiences, always the first to try to drag the rest of the team for a night out.


Quick to smile and golden eyes always alight with humor, Felix/Farah always has a tease waiting. Sensitive to others' emotions, and in tune with their own, they'll be the first to pick up if someone's having a bad day. Honest and open, they don't have a deceptive bone in their body, which might be why they're given behind the scene tasks.

You won't find a love so open, so honest, or so pure than what you'll find with Felix/Farah. Choosing them  means the world to this vampire, and they will do everything in their power to keep you smiling, after all, you chose them. They would choose you a thousand times over but you chose them. Felix/Farah  doesn't know what to do with this fact except kiss you more, hold you longer, make sure your smile doesn't falter. All they can offer is themself; the good and the bad, and hope that his open and honest self is enough.

Specialist Agent Mason/Morgan

If you don't find Mason's/Morgan's grey eyes slowly undressing you, then you'll find them wholly uninterested. If a place doesn't allow smoking, it will soon. Sharp witted but aloof and prickly, sarcasm is their middle name. They're not one for making friends, but those that make the cut will find no one more loyal.


With smoldering eyes, touselled shoulder length dark hair, and tanned skin, Mason's/Morgan's mysterious air makes it easy to pick up bed partners. Being hard to talk to means when they light up a cigarette in a no smoking zone, you'll just be greeted with a blank stare. Quick to pick up subtle shifts in behavior, it's nigh impossible to get away with a lie. 

Mason/Morgan just wants you under the sheets, nothing more. Answering your phone calls means nothing, feeling his senses calm in your presence is probably just a side effect of your blood. Kissing you is a means to amp you up, to want them physically. They've never cared for romance or love, and is sure they never will. But why does Felix/Farah keep looking at them in that annoying way? They answer your phone calls because it'd be annoying otherwise, They stay near you for chances to get you into bed. Their flirting is simply for the purpose to get you under the sheets, your blushing and smiles an unintended side effect. 

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