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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 19.05.2023

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Hey everyone, it's Nai here.

As you may know, Mishka had a bit of an emergency situation with her rabbits this week (which is still ongoing) and hasn't wanted to leave them. She plans with paper and pen anyway but it just meant she couldn't get online so she's asked me to give you all an update this week instead.

Even with the rabbit-situation, we've got LOADS done toward Book 4 planning! I started recording ALL of Mishka's coding variables, all the way back from Book 1 onto new software that Mishka can search so easily that I think it will be an asset when it comes to writing. I also started digitising and collating all of the bits of paper and notes Mishka has used for character sheets so that's all getting organised so she can actually see everything all in one place for any character she's created.

Mishka has done amazingly too! She's got pages and pages and pages of notes fleshing out the story for Book 4 - I'm already sooooo excited for this book, she's got some amazing ideas already and I can't wait to see them written out. She's also got really good plans on this book's "baddy", they're gonna be something else, let me tell ya!

We also had a bit of a funny moment this week, we were working lovely and quietly and calmly, really in "the zone", when out of nowhere Mishka yells "I need something to write on!" and we're scrabbling around for some paper and pens when I just shove my laptop into her hands and tell her to get her idea down! She typed so furiously that it seemed as though her fingers couldn't keep up with her brain. But she came up with the opening of the entire book, and jeez...WHAT an opener it is!

Hopefully, next week will be a bit calmer but even with everything going on, we've had a really productive week so until then, we hope you have a great weekend - we'll be offline as usual but we'll talk to you again next week!


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