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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 05.11.2022

Quick one today as our internet is being very finicky (decided not to work pretty much all day yesterday!), and I want to make sure this goes out before it cuts out again!

Brill week with getting the social media up together! Loved writing the Cosy Patreon Specials. Definitely more of a gentle, fluffy romance feel than the drama of last month's Spooky Scenarios, hehe!

Those are gonna be:

To Make Fire Jealous (Farah/Felix Special) - 3rd November 2022

Some time out together around the campfire reveals some deep truths and heated moments...


Amongst the Apple Trees (Mason/Morgan Special) - 10th November 2022

A rare moment of peace allows Mason/Morgan the chance to show their vulnerability...


Where Leaves Fall (Adam/Ava Special) - 17th November 2022

With no missions or threat, the MC enjoys getting to see a more open side of Adam/Ava as they share a drink at Haley's...


Careful, It's Fragile (Nate/Nat Special) - 24th November 2022

A trip to the Big City to look for a birthday gift leads to Nate/Nat revealing a little more about where they're at in the relationship...


I was in a very romantic mood for these, hehe :D

Chapter Twenty is in full swing too! I've finished up every scene for Book Three for a few of the characters, which feels like such a major milestone!

A lot of what I've been working on—for all of Book Three—has been trying to ensure I'm giving each of the LI’s PoVs a unique voice and feel. It's something I struggle with as I write such quantity that it’s easy to stick to my usual patterns! But it’s definitely something I want to start coming through more.

So for M it’s short choppy sentences as they think sharply. A is more logical and direct. N is flowing, much more novel-style, and F is the one I can just write for and make it feel casual and airy.

Next week will be more of the same: Just powering through Chapter Twenty. I'm really going to get some editing time in too!

Hope you all have the most fantastic weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next Friday <3


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