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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 07.07.2023

Busy week with a couple of unexpected moments this week! :D

First up was social media days, which were great fun as I got to write up the Summer Scenario Specials for Patreon! I decided to make them more sizzling with heat to go with the season as well as balance out the watery themes Patrons decided on in the poll, hehe!

Those will be:

Sudden Thirst (Nate/Nat Summer Scenario Special) 05/July/2023

In the scorching summer heat, it’s the perfect time to get some car washing done! So the MC wrangles Nate/Nat into the task (after a little tempting bribery), but soon it’s not just the sun that’s blazing hot…


Keep Exploring… (Farah/Felix Summer Scenario Special) 12/July/2023

On a rare day off, the MC decides to show Farah/Felix around Wayhaven—mostly by exploring one of the coves that spreads out beneath the sheer cliffs above. But asking either the MC or Farah/Felix to concentrate on anything but each other is a difficult task…


Treading Water (Adam/Ava Summer Scenario Special) 19/July/2023

How does someone practice leaping off a sheer vertical waterfall in preparation for a mission? Rope in a stoic vampire to help with the process, of course! But memories of a certain kiss tempt the MC and Adam/Ava much closer than either of them expected…not that they seem to mind!


Soaked Through (Mason/Morgan Summer Scenario Special) 26/July/2023

Tasked with watering the flower beds while the rest of Unit Bravo are away, the MC is doing good work…until an accidental splash of the hose over Mason/Morgan puts a quick stop to the chore. Apparently wetting down a brooding vampire doesn’t help at all with cooling off the erupting heat between them and the MC…


After that, I was eager to get back to planning, and I’d actually reached a point where the Love Triangle scene I was coming to was one I’d had planned out for the original novel and been working on for, like, two decades! Two decades! Can you believe it?

…And then I realized I couldn’t use it and would have to totally rewrite it, lol! :D

I’ve had this scene in my head for so long it’s like a DVD I’ve worn a hole into with the amount I’ve replayed it! But things are so different now that it just doesn’t work any longer. The characters have evolved unexpectedly, the story has taken turns I didn’t see coming, and I’ve developed differently as a I did come to the realization that I would need a different scene entirely.

I did weirdly have a little bit of heartbreak as I’ve been waiting SO many years to write it, but I can’t just force something in that doesn’t work for nostalgia’s sake! :D

But I knew the exact scene I wanted for it instead, and it fits to perfection! So much emotion, so much angst, so much deliciousness, hehe!

Now I’m past that, I’m at an exciting point as I’m starting to work on the first planning stages of scenes that lead up towards the endings! So that’s what I’ll be putting all my focus into next week!

Book Four, guys…it really feels like it’s going to be a very special one!

Hope you all have the most incredible weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, but I’ll talk to you all again next week.

Thank you SO much for your incredible support and company on this journey! <3


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