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THE WAYHAVEN CHRONICLES - update 13/10/2023

I finally got to write the opening I’ve been waiting soooo long to write! And I LOVE IT! I’m more of a writer that likes to get right into the action at the start, and this certainly accomplishes that! It’s actually a kind of opening I haven’t used yet in Wayhaven, so that made it doubly exciting! Weirdly, I did something very simple that also helped more than expected this week; I changed the font of the plan. It’s way clearer for me to read now compared to Cailbri or whatever the standard one is. Possibly because it is such big blocks of text, my eyes were struggling to go between screen and paper and find where I was but using the new font definitely has helped with that issue. So yeah, I worked on the opening this week because I couldn’t resist, hehe, and I’ll go back to the ‘housekeeping/cleaning’ coding next week. Hopefully that’ll help keep me pushing through the coding stuff if I get to enjoy the writing at the same time :D Not my usual flow, but it’s working so far! It’s kind of hard to talk about it without spoiling it, as we’re now back into the point where I’ve really got to keep my mouth shut so things stay as a surprise…though you know how bad I am at that, lol! But at least I can go back to the weekly sneak peeks in updates on Patreon (and the first BIG sneak peek for the That Bit Extra post this month)! That should help me get through a bit until the first demo releases! I’m actually taking a break this weekend, so I won’t be working on the Book One edits, but I’ll be getting back to those the weekend afterwards. Really pleased with how that is coming along—slow but sure, lol. It’s nothing major, but a lot of small things I really think help make it flow more to match the style of my later writing. Hope you all have the most fantastic weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk to you all again on Monday! Already excited to share the demo, which may be a while away yet, but still…I’m excited, hehe! :D


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