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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 17.05.2024

A slower week than I would have liked due to my wrists deciding to be super annoying, lol!

But my new ergonomic keyboard arrived on Thursday, so hopefully it’ll be back to normal pace from now on! I did have an old ergonomic keyboard, but it wasn’t exactly up to the task anymore. To be fair to it, it had seen me through part of Book One, and then all of Book Two and Three, so it definitely was a well-worked keyboard! :D

This week I focused on the demo section. I’m desperate to get that out to share with you guys so we can finally chat about it, lol! It may only be the first chapter, but it should give a good feel of what’s coming up!

Mostly it was just fixing some lingering issues with the save system as well as the Book Three stats showing on the stats page, but it looks all good on that front now.

It’s just a case of waiting for the sensitivity readers to get back to me, and we’re good to go! So I’m really hoping for you awesome Patrons, who will be getting much earlier access than everyone else, will be reading it later next week! I’ll keep you updated on that.

But I did also work on Chapter Two this week, because even failing wrists won’t stop me from writing, hehe! :D

Plus, it was a scene that I’ve been desperate to write coughvillain entrance scene*cough*, and I am SO happy with how it’s coming out! There are some scenes you have in your head for soooo long that when you finally come to write them, it is more like writing a movie scene because it is all so clear in my head, from the camera angles to the background music!

This villain…they are the most dangerous and awful supernatural, but I do love writing them already, hehe! :D

I hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week <3

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