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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 23.06.2023

Back from break this week and poor Nai had to take the brunt of my excitement at getting back to it, lol!

First thing Monday morning, I just bombarded her with all the ideas I’d had over break and, well, there was a lot! :D

It really is a struggle to turn my mind off when I’m in the creative process! But I do think taking a step away from tech at least helped my imagination spark more, as well as help my eyes, lol!

But as you can imagine I was super keen to get back into planning. Not only was there tons of new things to add but I wanted changed around a few scenes I’d been pondering over, so needed to rewrite those pages to shift where things are gonna play out.

Found myself actually starting to write an actual scene with dialogue and everything and had to stop myself, lol!

Also came up with some more ideas on how to tidy up my coding to make things run smoother and faster, so I’ll be doing some ‘house keeping’ type coding when I get to start writing before any thing else. Not so fun but will be a big help!

The Mason/Morgan and Alima ‘confrontation’ scene also went up on Patreon this week, which I’d been waiting a LONG time to get that written out as it had been playing in my head for quite some time now, lol.

So yeah, a seriously productive and exciting week!

Book Four really is a different process than any of the books so far. The way it’s coming together just feels…well, it’s definitely got my motivation on overdrive, hehe :D

Hope you all have the most fantastic weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3

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