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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 24.05.2024

Well, I should probably start the update by saying that the first demo section will be released tomorrow for the $5+ tiers on Patreon and publicly late next week! :D

It is a short section, only being Chapter One, but a lot of the work went into the behind the scenes and coding stuff, so hopefully it will be running super smooth! It’ll be a good thing to see if this new editing system is working, and also if all that intense work that went into the cleaning code, changing character creator, etc has paid off, hehe!

While I was waiting for the readers’ comments to come back in, I really went hard on Chapter Two this week. This new keyboard has made the world of difference, and I’ve been able to type pretty much back at the speed I was before. It feels soooo good!

I am getting tempted to go back to a bit I’ve already written and add in a Unit Bravo POV section though. It’s not a planned scene, but I think it would really fit in well. It’s just that it’s already quite a linear chapter (A LOT of setting up the story for what’s to come), so I’m not sure about adding in another section where the reader can’t pick a choice.

I’m definitely back and forwards on adding that in at the moment.

There’s something about Book Four that is feeling…different. Not the way it’s written or anything, just, well, I always put everything I am into all my works, but Book Four is drawing even more from me, and I’m pushing myself and digging deeper than ever before to really put my all into it. It’s feeling really special in many ways already!

Next week, I’ll be working on getting all the text and graphic assets Hosted Games needs for putting Book 4 on the Steam wishlist. Seems good timing with the first demo release!

I’ll also be pushing on with Chapter Two. I’m really hoping to get it finished next week. It’s a big one with a lot going on which will really make for an exciting next demo section… ;D

I can’t wait for you to try out the demo! It’s like Book Four is really coming to life now I’m finally getting to share it with you all, hehe! :D

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! I'll keep you updated on the public release of the demo next week on social media, so keep an eye out

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