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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 26.04.2024

Lots happening this week!

The edits and bug testing came back, so I’ll be starting on that! I know the demo is later than I’d hoped due to—still ongoing and super annoying!—internet issues, but at least the editing process is going as smoothly as I was hoping so no one is getting too overwhelmed!

Once those edits go in, I’ll send them out to my  next readers and sensitivity readers, then it’ll be ready to go!

And speaking of the demo, I thought you guys might like to see the logo for Book Four!

Super awesome, right? :D Really had a very clear idea of what Book Four’s logo was going to be, and Nai took it on board and smashed it as always!

And I was also smashing through chapter two this week! I am well ahead of myself on schedule, which is always a good feeling, lol! And because I was so ahead, I decided to add in an extra bigger choice set to add some variation to this somewhat linear chapter. It might be setting up the story, but that doesn’t mean the MC can’t have different ways to deal with how that happens!

So yeah, it’s been a busy week of some exciting developments, hehe! :D

Next week, I’ll be getting those edits in, sending off the demo section for final read overs, and then getting back to Chapter Two. It will also be social media days somewhere in between that, where I hope the internet will actually play ball long enough I can get asks done, as well as all the fun things coming up on Patreon! ;D

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week <3


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