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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 01.03.2024

Ended up being a super busy week this week!

I finished up the last of the love triangle scene, but I decided to add in just a small bit of text to hint at who the MC is drawn to more, or if it’s equal. I really, really like it! It’s just a subtle little line that fits narratively but gets an important game mechanic across to the player too.

I like to try and add everything in so it makes narrative sense, but sometimes you do just have to make a choice or mechanic obvious to the player. Thankfully I could add this bit in so it fit with the story!

And after that, I was going to move on to testing…except I totally forgot about the non-romance opening scene, lol! :D

The non-romance route was set up in Book One as just a way for people to get to know the vampires before picking out a love interest, which is why there’s actually a warning in there about getting a lot less content if you keep going with it- because obviously Wayhaven is romance-focused! What I should have done is taken it out in Book Two, I guess, BUT it has meant that this villain romance has become an option now so I’m glad I didn’t, hehe! ;D

So with the non-romance route having that option to branch into the villain romance, I will be making sure it has the same weight as the actual romance routes for Book Four.

I was seriously pleased how it came out in the end! I’ve done things like write different scenes for each BFF seeing as there’s no specific LI to have a scene with, instead of picking just one vampire and using them for the scene like I would normally do in the friend route.

But even with that unexpected scene, I was absolutely determined to get it finished and I did! Then I got back on schedule and moved onto the testing! I always get seriously excited when I start actually seeing it as a story instead of just writing with coding! :D

Next week, I’ll continue with testing, and it’s also social media days as well the Patreon poll for the Spring Scenario specials! Then I will be moving onto the next scene, which doesn’t involve the vampires at all for a change, hehe!

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk to you all again next week!


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