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The Wayhaven Chronciles - Update 29.04.2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Oh man, making so much progress sure does give me a major buzz, hehe! :D

This week was a SUPER hectic one, as my writer's retreat is next week, so I wanted to get a bunch done so as I know I've finished things in a good place for when I get back.

But the writing was seriously flowing this week! And it felt so amazing to be slamming through the plans and getting through planning pages so fast. This page of plans is now where the split scenes begin, but I'm already part way through one of them!

And there was a part before it where I suddenly realised I needed a very minor mention of a throwaway character, so I made one up on the spot but then it was like...I LOVE HER I LOVE HER!!!

Like I said, she will get one tiny mention (in only one of the routes!) in the whole of the series, but the second I wrote her name and purpose…she began blossoming into a whole character with a backstory and everything, lol!

Tomorrow I should leave myself at a perfect place to stop and come back to—I really don't like leaving scenes mid-flow—while I go work on some intense writing practice with others...not that I'm already extremely nervous about that...hehehehehe...hehehe..heh...

It'll be good though! I'm really excited to finally get back to it after a couple of years break. There's only so much writing practice I can do by myself and hope to see any improvement. Sometimes you need someone else's practiced eye to take a look and give you a nudge in the right direction! Plus the lessons there always help me think in a fresh way when I get a bit...stuck in my ways, lol!

So yeah, there won't be an update next week, as I think internet is going to be pretty patchy.

I hope you all have the most fantastic week! I’ll update you again soon! <3


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