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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 02.09.2022

Chapter 17 is done and Chapter 18 has begun!


Chapter 17 was the start of some seriously intense stuff, and Chapter 18 is not only a continuation of that but bumping up the intensity by quite a few notches, hehe! :D

I'll be working on Chapter 18A first, which has a very different feel than 18B, though I'm seriously eager to get to both.

Obviously getting 17 finished and 18 started made for an awesome week, but a bunch of other stuff got a move on too!

Got the first of the sensitivity reader reports back for Chapters 1-7, which was awesome! I think one of the best compliments to get is when a professional says they are really enjoying your creation as a piece of storytelling as they work :D

Chapter 11 additions are still ongoing. I added a big scene in for Verda's branch, which I loved! But it meant I wanted to add something into Tina's branch scene and the 'neither know' branch to balance those. I don't worry too much about that kind of thing, as I would rather the scene feel right rather than fluffed up just to match, but it was an unexpectedly big thing for Verda's, so definitely needed something for the others!

It seems like Book Two's save system still isn't in, though thinking about it I think it's possible they're waiting for the Book Three wishlist page to go up before they do that. I'm gonna try and get a hold of Hosted Games next week to ask if that's the case, just so we do actually know.

But in the time we're waiting for that, Nai has been coming up with some awesome stuff for marketing! Marketing really isn't my strong suit, so I'm really grateful Nai is willing to look into ways of making it more fun, hehe! :D

Next week will be social media days for a couple of days. The next LI PoV scene for Book Three's moment when the MC is facing the Annunaki will be up on Patreon this month, though I'm not sure who yet. Glad you guys enjoyed Nate/Nat's point of view for that last month! ;D There will also be an early Halloween-themed Adam/Ava scene too...

Nai starts a seriously cool new series of posts for Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc as well! The first one will be up on the 13th!

Phew, a lot going on! :D

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next Friday! <3

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