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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 19.04.2024

The demo section is now with the editor and testers! Yay!

Eventually, at least, lol. Internet troubles yet again meant it took longer to get to them, but it finally went through.

Thankfully, lack of internet didn’t stop me from getting writing on Chapter Two! It’s really nice to get back into writing, especially because the next bit is full of melodrama, excitement….and some big changes for the MC! As well as much less coding which melts my brain, lol!

Chapter Two is the real set-up chapter for the whole story for Book Four, as well as an important introduction—so a lot going on! But it should be quite flowy to write as there’s not too many branching scenes at this point except for love interest scenes, meaning it should bump along at a really good pace.

Next week, I’ll be pushing on with Chapter Two and focusing on that while the demo section is being worked on by the others.

The last Spring Scenario Special will also be up next week on Patreon, which is Nate/Nat’s and the MC’s mission at a mystery location…hehe! :D

Hope you all have the most fantastic weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week! <3


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