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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 03.02.2023

And we’re back! :D

I’m already SO keen to get back to Wayhaven!…I may have worked on some ideas for Book Four during my break…but that’s not gonna much of a surprise as I just can’t keep away from it, hehe!

Obviously we’ll still be building up for the Book Three release, so a lot of effort will be going into that now we’re getting so much closer!!

I did have a think over my break too about some things I would like to do that I just haven’t had the time for, but I’m hoping I might be able to adjust things and put those into motion and tell you more about that later!

This week I have mostly spent catching up and social media—there was a lot more catching up than planned as my computer decided to break down on me over break, which meant I couldn’t keep up with things as I wanted to over January. But I am finally getting back on top of that.

Speaking of, we have the very exciting AU Valentine’s Specials for Patreon going up this month! The winners of the polls for those were:

> Tina

> Lesedi

> Falk

> Elidor

Good choices, hehe! ;D I’ll put the summaries and dates up for those in next week’s update.

Next week, after fully catching up from the computer break down situation, I will be working on the Book Three release but also beginning the very first stages of proper planning for Book Four!!

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! It’s so nice to be back! Will update you all again next Friday <3

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