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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 05.05.2023

It was a short week with the bank holiday Monday but still a good one!

Tuesday I spent on bug fixes and things for book three and getting those sent to Hosted Games, including getting the flipped moon icon sorted! :D The moons should now all be correct!

Then I was back to planning and managed to sort something with the antagonist that had been keeping me stuck!

The issue with them that I was talking about before is now working but in a different and waaay better way! Before it was good but now it’s not only working but fits to perfection!

And it was all thanks to a random comment Nai made as we were talking about Book Four! Something I’ve learned as a writer is you never know when something unexpected and random will trigger your imagination!

Next week is yet another bank holiday in the U.K. on Monday, but then it’ll be social media days. Finally get to write Adam/Ava’s pov scene for the Sin fight in Chapter 6 to finish off that set of Unseen Scenes for Patreon!

Then it’s back to planning at the end of the week which doesn’t make for overly exciting updates but is definitely the most important part of this whole process!

I’m thinking that working on the overall story first then looking at how all the other branches will slot in and work with the current story is how best to go at it.

Though there is one scene I know I am definitely doing for Tina’s branch that I’m already so eager to write :D

Hope you all have the most fantastic weekend!


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