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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 09.06.2023

Busy week this week…and even extra time on it at night, lol! :D

I’ve been going to bed, thinking of the planning I’ve done that day and what I’ll be working on the next then BAM! Fully fledged scenes will just come to me at around midnight!

And I can’t type them out fast enough on my phone, that I’ve been dictating them out instead, lol! :D

One of the scenes I came up with was actually supposed to be in just one of the branches, but I love it WAY too much so now it’s going into the main story. And it fits in perfectly!

This book has seriously got a life of its own!

I also managed to write out the character sheet for the antagonist this week. That was super exciting! They were already so solid in my mind before that but writing out answers to the template have helped me dig even deeper into them, as well as their real motivations and fears.

Although most all of the antagonists, except maybe Falk, have been focused on the MC and their blood, this antagonist feels much more…driven and intense for the MC. The others have been big baddies to defeat but this one comes with complications… I’m looking forward to writing the interactions between them already!!

Also added some extra lore to the type of supernatural they are!

And then it was social media days too! I finally got to write the Mason/Morgan and Alima interaction scene at the auction ready for the Unseen Scene on Patreon later this month! And the poll went up for next month’s summer scenarios…looks like it’s gonna be very water-themed time ahead for the LI’s in those, lol!

Wanted to make sure and get all of the Patreon content done as well as Tumblr asks scheduled as we’ll be on break next week. I’ll likely still be working on Book Four plans as it comes to me ‘cause although I know I need time to rest and reset my brain, I honestly find it impossible to turn off thinking about my projects once I’ve made a start on them :D

There won’t be any asks, etc until we’re back on the 19th June, but until then we hope you have the most amazing week ahead! <3

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