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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 09.12.2022

We're in full swing with the testing!

It's amazing getting comments back from people actually playing the game!!

It's also nice as the fixes coming back to me now are mostly all spelling or grammar issues rather than bug fixes. That's always a good turning point in the testing process!

I did realise as I was going through that I did miss out one variable! It meant I had to go through for all the 'bold/shy' flags and add the separate flags that trigger in the love triangle (so it tracks how you are flirting with N or A individually). So that took quite some time, but I know now that they will trigger properly for people in the love triangle!

Social media days were this week as well! Had a blast on the winter scenarios for Patreon! Which I can now give the dates of:

'In Snowy Depths…' (Nate/Nat Winter Special) - 8th December 2022

When the MC and Nate/Nat get stuck in the snow after an unfortunate snowy collision that ruins Adam/Ava's, uh, I mean the Agency's SUV, they have to find a way to warm up and pass the time until help arrives.


'Silent Night…' (Mason/Morgan Winter Special)- 15th December 2022

As usual, the MC finds Mason/Morgan on the roof, enjoying a serene night, watching the stars. And it's finally revealed why it's such a popular spot for the usually grumpy vampire.


'Ice-breaker' (Farah/Felix Winter Special) - 22nd December 2022

Unsurprisingly, Farah/Felix takes to ice-skating as easily as everything else. But maybe they're not too eager to let it show. The excuse of a few wobbles to get closer to the MC is just too much to resist...


'At All Costs!' (Adam/Ava Winter Special) - 29th December 2022

It's Wayhaven's annual winter fundraiser! This year features teams working to build the best gingerbread house to win a fun prize. But fun tends to take a back seat when Adam/Ava's competitive spirit takes over. And Adam/Ava will have the best gingerbread house. The absolute best. No one will ever better it!


With the intensity of this last testing and editing phase, I've only done 1 ask instead of the usual 2 (though some days have 2 as I managed to fit in a few extra!) for Tumblr. I've also asked Nai to take a break on reblogs too so that she can give her entire focus over to testing!

But we're on the last stretch home now!!

Hope you all have the best weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll talk to you all soon! <3

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