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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 10.03.2023

I didn’t realise it was Friday today *facepalm*

This week has just flown by! How are we getting through March so quickly???

It was an exciting and super busy one though, which is probably why it went so fast.

The Book Three release content started going up, and Nai has done a FANTASTIC job with it all!! (Can’t wait for you guys to see the unbelievably amazing new Book Three trailer next week!)

I worked on prep for Book Four, focusing a lot on trying to get the side characters’ branches actually mapped out onto paper. I know exactly where I want them to go in my head, but I’m trying to be better at writing it down to help with ease of planning in the future!

But in doing that I got rather (extremely) overwhelmed by everything that needs to happen for Book Four onwards. There’s so much I want more organised this time with so many branches and ideas coming, and it’ll be so worth it to do it now ready for future books too, but it’s just…immense.

Nai calmed me right down though, and we’re going to work on figuring it all out and putting it into a format that works really well for me: Checklists.

There’s something about a nice organised list with checkboxes that just really does help me work so much smoother (which is surprising when you see how messy my planning and notes get, lol!). So yeah, we’re going to get that up together over the weekend and prioritise what needs to be done so as we can easily go through everything and start checking off those tasks!

Still, even with getting a bit overwhelmed with it, it is exciting to see everything that’s coming into play from Book Three! Even more so when I’m actually mapping out the ways it could all go!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3


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