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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 11.11.2022

Busy, busy week!

Hammering on with Chapter 20! It really is a long one to write because of the split openings (that have some doozy choices to them, or a worrying revelation depending one which branch you're on!), the split love interest scenes and another split scene/variation scene for a big choice, but it's also exciting to think this is the last major chapter to write! (Chapter 21 is a nice, fun short-ish epilogue!)

I also decided to change and add a bit to Chapter 11 (yes, the chapter that never ends, lol!). There was a moment in there for one of the versions that wasn't in the other, because obviously they're separate scenes and don't need the same things to happen—I love that replayability! But I've been thinking more on it, and I definitely want that moment to happen in the other one too. It's a relatively important moment in the romance that I'd like the MC to have a choice of at that time no matter what branch they choose to go on.

But obviously it needs a variation of it to match up with the other scene, as it's a completely different setting and different things that have happened.

So it's really just pushing for getting to the end of the base writing from now on. Doesn't make for the most exciting updates as it's working on the same thing, but it really needs to be the full focus now! Editing is something I will work on at the end when I can dedicate my full attention to it instead of trying to split it. Definitely is the better plan now at this stage :D

An exciting thing to discover was that I've hit well over 920,000 word count for Book Three already!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3


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