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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 12.05.2023

It was a shorter week again but just as productive!

We had social media days this week, so that’s all organized ready for the rest of the month. The only thing left to do for that is the Book Three debrief and chat for the Monthly Bonus Content #2 on Patreon, but we want to make sure we have a lot of time for that because we’ve been excited to finally get to talk about it for soooo long!

I’ve also been working on some writing practice this week in my off time. Something I really want to try and work on this time around is getting clearer descriptions of actions in my scenes, so that’s a focus for me at the minute!

Then I got back to Book Four planning. And wow did it turn into a huge start to it this week! I had hoped to begin to flesh things out a little, but what I ended up doing was cementing the endings, deciding on the definite big event idea, as well as getting a serious base down for the love interest openings of Chapter One as well where it leads into!

It was far more detailed stuff than expected at this early stage, but it feels like the story is really starting to come to life and begin to take shape!

As well as the antagonist—who, despite being really quite fleshed out already, actually doesn’t have a name yet :D Which is unusual, as names for characters are usually quite easy for me to choose. But this time around they’re being rather…elusive—a hilarious thing considering just what they are, lol!

Also figured out another song I want ‘playing’ during the love interest dance scenes at the ball. Obviously there has to be ‘a song’ for each of them even if it won’t be in the text, hehe! I had one of them decided a long time ago, so it was nice to pin down another for another love interest. Definitely will let you guys know what those are in the lead up to Book Four’s release!

Next week is just knuckling down to more planning. Hopefully it will continue to come to life as easily as it has this week!

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend!

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