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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 12.08.2022

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Exciting week this week with starting with Chapter 17!

But also, I had a blast with editing! I totally forgot what I put into Chapter 9, hehe! :D It was amazing rediscovering all the different possible scenes, and the fun in those had me smiling so much and so eager to find out which scene you guys end up choosing!

Also managed to get the text assets and amended graphics to Hosted Games, so that's all ready to go for them! It's nice as that's usually a huge task during submission, so to get it done now is one major thing I don't have to worry about during the hectic submission process.

I keep meaning to check Book Two to see if the save system has been added into the end yet, so if anyone knows if it has, could you just drop me a message! I’d be super grateful! Otherwise I might ask Nai just to run through that and see for me. She’s coming up with some Instagram and merch stuff involving Book Two stuff anyway, so she’s part way through!

So yeah, it’s been a busily intense time but a very exciting one! :D

I’ve broken the plan for the ending chapters into two different versions, which are A and B (so it’s Chapter 17A, Chapter 18A, and Chapter 17B, Chapter 18B, etc, right up until Chapter 19—then Chapter 20 is the ‘aftermath’ chapter, and 21 is the epilogue-type thing!). I think this was definitely a good call to do them as completely separate versions. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to write the full A version of the ending chapters, and then come back and the do the B version. Or if I’m going to do Chapter 17A then 17B, then do that with Chapter 18.

Hope that makes sense! :D

But Chapter 17A is coming along SO well! I changed it slightly to the plan, but I definitely think it was good to make the change as this version has some more emotional punch to it!

It was also the start of getting the floorplans for the Warehouse and other locations finalised (I'm glad you guys enjoyed the kitchen floorplan and aesthetic on Patreon!). Really want to try and get through those at a pace, as I do seem to have different versions in my head for some rooms, which doesn't help with consistency!

But things are definitely getting more firm with stats, locations, characters, etc with Nai collating all my notes for me. That should really make things a whole lot easier for Book Four (yes, I'm already thinking about Book Four planning, lol!), which is going to be a serious doozy of a book to write, so the more I have as easy reference, the better!

I hope you all have an amazing week! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3


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