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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 14.10.2022

So I got back from my break this week, and I had a wonderful time seeing my friend! We talked about Wayhaven A LOT, so I had to be super careful not to let spoilers slip, hehe! :D

But I was seriously craving writing by the time I got back on Wednesday!

Had to jump back in with social media days first though, which was a good way of getting myself back into the groove. Writing the Patreon Spooky Specials helped curb some of my built up writing needs, lol!

Also had a massive meeting with Nai this week to talk out where things are at and where we need to be headed now that we're so close. She has some awesome fun marketing things planned coming up that I am so excited for her to share, and I got to really plan out how I want the final push of writing to go.

Fitting in everything else was the difficult part, what with editing, getting stuff to SpunkyCat, chapters to the sensitivity readers, starting to look at how beta-testing is gonna go (hoping to get some professional beta testers in this time around as well!), playtesting, playtesting some more...then playtesting again, lol!

But it was good to list everything out and just see where we're at.

Mostly I will just be focusing on getting the last chapters out. I was ahead of myself for Chapter 19 before my break, so I'm hoping I can blast through the last section of that tomorrow and next week.

While I was on break, I did think over something in Chapter 19 I want to change though. It fit so perfectly into the scene at the time, but it’s a big revelation that is actually a major part of the Book 4 opening, so I'm definitely going to have to leave it out, or it will lessen the impact of the revelation in Book 4!

I already know what I want to replace it with in that scene though, so I'm excited to write that! :D

I had a couple of asks about the dates for Patreon Scenarios (which I know I usually do at the beginning of the month), so here they are:

'On a Moonlit Night...' (Felix/Farah Spooky Special) - October 6th

Having been ordered to set up camp and keep watch for the night, F and the MC find themselves a little distracted…right up until the point a shadowy figure decides to make a spooky appearance outside of their tent.

And as the MC says, 'You know, I’m pretty sure this is how most horror movies start.'


'Skeletons in the Closet...' (Nate/Nat Spooky Special) - October 13th

An unexpected encounter with a shapeshifter leaves the MC with even more unanswered questions about Nate/Nat's past...


'Through Fog and Smoke...' (Mason/Morgan Spooky Special) - October 20th

When something, or someone, is trying to weave the past to their liking, Mason/Morgan takes major offense to it...especially when it might mess with their precious memories of the MC.


'That was a little Corny...' (Adam/Ava Spooky Special) - October 27th

As if a corn maze on Halloween night wasn't scary enough, there's some Rogue supernatural hiding out amongst the bales preying on unsuspecting victims. But what better excuse for Adam/Ava to request the MC's time than with another mission...?


I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week! <3


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