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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 15.07.2022

Considering summer is my least favourite season, it seems to be working for me at the moment, hehe! :D

Another fantastically productive week! My goal for this week was to finish the common opening for Chapter 15, and maybe, hopefully, get one of the split scenes in it finished.

But then an unexpected thing arose where I went to write some foreshadowing for a certain event that happened…except for some reason I hadn’t actually written that event in at the end of Chapter 9 where it was supposed to be, lol!

I couldn’t even find the plan for it. I thought I was going a bit loopy, because the scene is a very important one, and I can play it with very vivid clarity in my head, so I thought I must have written it already.

But it turns out it the plan was in Chapter 10’s plans because I needed to switch it around. The way I ended up writing Chapter 9’s ending was different than what I had thought, so that scene just wouldn’t fit there. It would have been way too confusing.

So I put it in with Chapter 10, just actually forgot to write it! So I went and wrote out that scene, as well as it’s variations for the different characters.

Then I added in a new opening scene to Chapter 15 to account for this and the foreshadowing that’s coming. So yeah, a lot of unexpectedly extra stuff this week, but I still got everything I wanted done! Including already finishing one of the split scenes and starting one of the others!!

I’m hoping I might even be able to finish off this split scene tomorrow, which means I would only have one left to finish up Chapter 15! Though this split scene I’m currently working on is something I’ve changed completely from the plan, so I’m having to go where it’s taking me. The plan just didn’t work for what has happened already, and I’ve changed how one of the branches is going to go, but that’s the fun of writing! The characters and stories will sometimes find their own way! :D

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week! <3

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