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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 16.12.2022

Book Three is submitted!!

It’s now with Hosted Games!

Obviously there’s still the very final readthrough and testing to do once I get the proof-read version back from Hosted Games, but that is generally a very smooth go through by that point!

So yeah, Book Three is pretty much complete!

*incoherent screaming*

…And I’m totally exhausted, lol!

I will be taking a very long break now before I get started on the planning for Book Four. My brain needs a serious refresh before I can push out that much creative energy again, hehe!

But things won’t be slowing down whilst I’m gone!

There’s more trailers to come out on all social media, asks still scheduled for Tumblr, and a ton to come on Patreon—including something very special on Christmas day, and a peek at Unit Bravo’s first New Year’s eve together in January’s Monthly Bonus Content #2!

Obviously there won’t be any updates on a Friday until I get back, but I have scheduled the regular Update+ sneak peeks for Patreon, so you can enjoy those in the wait for Book Three!

I’ll be back in February to get started on the process of getting everything ready for Book Four planning, (I’m already seriously excited about that!!) and we’ll be off again!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season if you celebrate, or just an amazing end of the year if you don’t! <3

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