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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 17.02.2023

Quick one this week.

We’ve had an emergency situation with my mum this week where we had to take her to hospital, so things have fallen a bit behind.

I’ve been working in between, getting things up together ready for the release as much as I can, but I’ve missed a couple of days of Patreon reward emails, but I will be doing my best to catch up on those tonight and over the weekend but things are still up in the air.

There will probably be less Instagram posts, etc for the time being, but asks and Patreon posts are already scheduled for you guys to enjoy!

I will update you all again next week. Hoping we’ll have a better situation sorted so that I can get more work done. Apologies for the quick update.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thank you for your understanding <3


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