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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 17.06.2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Oh my word, it's a hot one here!

Hope everyone is staying cool if it's hot where you are (or keeping warm if you're on the other hemisphere! :D)

The plan was to get some editing in this week, but I skipped that because I was on SUCH a roll with writing!

On such a major roll in fact that I finished Mason/Morgan's version of Chapter 14!!!!!

On Thursday I was doing so well that in the back of my mind I was thinking, 'I might get this done this week...', but I didn't want to rush myself because I wanted to make sure and get everything in I wanted (as well as a couple of extra dialogue choice sets because, well you know, it's me, hehe!)

So that means I can get a jumpstart on Adam/Ava's early and begin it today!

Chapter 14, although a split version of the chapter so each love interest has their own chapter, is really lovely and straight forward after the intensity of the last few chapters! But I think it's also needed for the reader, as A LOT has happened in the story at this point—not just with information, but to the actual MC, so some downtime is definitely needed for a bit.

There was also a major thing that I added in this week that meant a lot to me personally.

'[New Character] gathers three rats into his arms, their colours like an ombre: one flint black, the next a caramel-brown, and the last one a silver-grey.

He hugs them against his chest with a sigh of affection. The rats nuzzle against him, one of them wriggling to be free and scamper onto his shoulder.'

For anyone who's been following me for quite some time might recognise this cameo...

Although I lost my boys a while ago now, I just really wanted a small part for them in the story. They were with me for so much of Wayhaven when they were with me, that it feels right to have them memorialised in there.

So yeah, it was a little bit of an emotional moment to write that, especially with M being their usual grumpy self in this scene too, lol!

For Adam/Ava's version of Chapter 14, I'm a little ahead of myself again too, as I have a chunk of scene I cut from Chapter 11 for them to use in this chapter instead, so that's nice! I've got to rewrite it to fit in with what's happening here, but having that base is always a good jumping point!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next week! <3


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