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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 18.11.2022

So I started this week determined to get Chapter 20 done.

I knew it was gonna be a serious push, but I was pumped to get it finished.

And I did!

The base writing for Chapter 20 is completed already!!

Not only am I over the moon with getting it finished earlier than expected, but I actually managed to add in an extra scene for each LI scene that varies depending on a certain choice made the MC! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!!

Part of my push was also due to intense excitement because it meant I got to write a couple of majorly emotional scenes I've been waiting actual years to write!! I had, like, a folder of extra notes specifically for these moments that I’ve been writing towards it over the years, hehe :D

It was both amazing and somewhat cathartic to get them out and decide what was going in, what wasn’t, what needed to be adapted to account for unexpected changes in things that have happened over the other books, etc.

I was also really enjoying the differences of the LI’s thought processes depending on who they talk to in the extra scene that I added in.

For example, M is realizing what is going on with their feelings a lot faster in a certain BFF route just because that vampire doesn’t push. Where as in the others it’s not as easy or fast. Just really love being able to have that variation in there!! Takes a long time to add, but so worth it! 'Cause it means you could replay M’s romance and experience it differently even when playing it multiple times!

Nai has also been getting me hyped as she's been working on Nate/Nat's Love Interest trailer for Book Three...oh, it looks so good already... :D

But yeah, it was a serious push this week, but so proud to get that done.

Which means it's only the base writing for Chapter 21 to go! And I am determined to keep it on plan...I'll be working on some editing today and tomorrow, but will be getting straight into the last chapter on Monday!

Obviously there's all the editing, playtesting, beta testing, etc after that, but that all tends to go a lot smoother and faster!


Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3


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