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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 21.04.2023

I have this weird thing where I both love and hate planning, hehe! :D

I love it because I get to decide everything that's coming up and get hyped about the scenes I'm going to get to write (some of them I've been waiting over a decade to turn from notes into actual scenes, so I am intensely excited about that!).

On the other hand...because there's so much I wanna write I just want to be writing it now, lol!

But I definitely learned from Book Three that I can't rush the planning stage. Especially not with how varied the branches are becoming and wanting to get those stories weaving around each other. The more work I put into planning now, the smoother writing will go!

Writing definitely is always a learning experience! :D

I'm focusing on the overall story at the moment. I tend to find it easier to look at the story as a whole and break it down into the basics: beginning, middle, end. Just the story for Book Four. Once I've got that down, then I can start seeing how the other branches will work within it.

Book Four is a big one for me as it's not just the ball we've all been waiting for, but the antagonist has...motivations that are different.

They are still after the MC drawn in by their blood, as all the villains generally are, but it's for a different reason...which makes it all the more interesting in how that plays out with the vampires and especially the love interest!

Plus they're the first antagonist that is a supernatural made up specifically for Wayhaven and not based on an existing legend! (And in true Wayhaven tradition, I am of course a little bit in love with them already, hehe!)

Next week will be continuing on with big picture planning and getting the beats for that solidly set.

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next Friday <3

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