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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 24.03.2023

It was a seriously exciting week this week!!

I got the proof-read files back from Hosted Games so as I could do my final look overs before sending it back, which means that it’s really, really done!


One super awesome thing was in the content review the proof-reader did was a synopsis of Book Three, and it was pretty much bang on what I wanted the story to be. It really gave me a boost to know that the story I wanted to tell was obviously the one that came across, hehe :D

So yeah, for Book Three now it’s just a case of waiting for that fast approaching release date! We still have lots of fun content planned for the run-up to April 6th so we hope you’re enjoying that!

We also got some more things in motion for Book Four. I have an idea of a better way of editing and testing this time, with a couple of testers and sensitivity readers already on board for the process. The plan is to have people do more of the editing and testing as I go along. I think it will really help to do things in smaller sections than one big thing at the end, especially with how big the games are getting with branching and variation now!

But I suppose now it’s time to actually look at properly putting away Book Three stuff. Filing it away and writing a big ‘COMPLETED’ across the front. Oh man, that makes my nerves spike but also such a feeling of pride and relief. Book Three was a much bigger undertaking than I had planned on it being, but it was also exactly the type of game and story I’ve always wanted to create!

Can't wait for you guys to get right back into those romances and enjoy what's to come! :D

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next Friday! <3


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