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The Wayhaven Chronicles- Update 25.11.2022

As some of you may have seen...THE BASE WRITING FOR BOOK THREE IS COMPLETE!!


I'm still intensely buzzed about that if you couldn't tell, hehe! :D

I finished it way earlier than I expected on Wednesday, so I did take Thursday for myself because I was pretty exhausted (slept nearly 11 hours that night, lol!).

And having that rest was good because now comes to the intense part of really knuckling down to get everything done before submission!

I'll be starting with adding in some edits I already know need to go in, then doing the quick testing bugs. After I've done all that, I will be reading through the entire script (don't get to play it quite yet)—including coding—to pick up any errors in there as well as rewriting and adding any extra bits as I go. So that's a lot of reading considering it's well over 900,000 words!

There was one line I already edited in for one of N’s scenes that gave me serious chills! N is only comfortable enough with one other vampire to make the admission they do in that particular BFF scene, so it should be interesting to see who finds that…

Then is the fun and intense part of playtesting...over and over and over and over... :D

But I'm already seriously eager to get that first full playthrough in of the whole game as a complete story!!

As I go, I will be sending off chapters to the sensitivity readers and getting it up together for more editing. Then it'll move onto the beta testers!

Also, the poll for the Winter/Christmas Patreon Scenarios finished yesterday so I can reveal the results of the top 4 that I will be writing in December:

Ice skating

Stuck in the snow (with a whopping 40% of the votes)

Winter stargazing

Gingerbread House Decorating Competition


I'm not sure which love interest will be getting what scenario yet, but I do know for sure that Adam/Ava will be getting the Gingerbread Decorating Competition because there's no way I can resist having fun with their competitive streak for that, hehe! :D

So yeah, it's a busy time ahead!

It's really crunch time now, guys!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3

...I'm getting SO EXCITED!!!


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