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The Wayhaven Chronicles - UpDate 28.04.2023

Kind of a ‘ditto last week’ kind of update this week! 😃

Planning is very much a same-y task, so not much new to report except that I changed a couple of aspects happening in Book Four and now things are really beginning to take some very exciting twists, hehe!

There is only one thing about the antagonist that I’d really like to give them but I just can’t seem to make it fit. Planning is definitely the only place I can work on this, but even so I’m not sure I can make it work like I want.

Which is a major disappointment as it was something that I really wanted to work for their powers but…if it feels like it’s not gonna work now then it definitely won’t during writing. So it’s back to the drawing board on that! Trying to think of something to replace it will be a bit of a task after just assuming that it was going to be the other thing for the years I’ve been thinking up this baddie, but it’s got to be done!

I’m working mostly on getting solid foundations for the beginning and middle sections as I know definitely some events I want to happen in those. Then I’ll be moving onto trying to get a good base for the ending/s as well after reworking things to suit the fact I’m having to change such a big aspect of the antagonist’s powers.

But something very exciting was the logo for Book Four just popped into my head this week!! And I LOVE IT! It’s not what I’d planned for Book Four, and it’s so much more interesting! Can’t wait to unveil it for you all.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll be back next week with another update <3


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