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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 28.10.2022

On Tuesday night (morning?) at 1am, the writing for Chapter 19 was completed!! :D

I hadn't actually meant to stay up so late, but I was on a serious roll, and I could see the end in sight so I just went with it! I'm a night owl anyway, so it worked out well.

Editing was supposed to come next, but I was way too eager to get started on Chapter 20 so I jumped straight into it on Wednesday and have been hammering through it!

Chapter 20 is gonna be a long one to write. It has a couple of 'mop up' scenes at the start which actually have some huge moments in it as well as a major choice concerning a couple of characters depending on which branches your MC chose. Book Three is definitely one for quite a few of the BIG story and character branches starting out.

After those scenes, it's split scenes for the love interests where there's quite a bit of emotional impact, especially to a couple of them! Oh guys...these scenes....

I'm going to keep writing today and get to editing tomorrow. There is a ton of editing to do, especially as I still need to get chapters over to SpunkyCat, but now I'm so close to the end I'm just really driven to get all the base writing done and wait to do the editing and things when I can give my full concentration to it.

Next week will be social media days, so I'll be writing around that. The last of the Spooky Scenarios went up on Patreon this week, and next month will also have more Special Scenarios but this time Cosy Autumnal Romance! I'll put up the dates and descriptions of those in next Friday's update after I've written them.

Phew, it's a serious buzz of energy at the moment! I'm anxious, I'm excited, I'm eager... a lot of feelings going on as I really am reaching towards that end point for the writing!! (Chapter 20 is the penultimate chapter!)

Hope you all have the best weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll update you all again next Friday! <3

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