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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 30.06.2023

The week started off less than ideal with yet another family medical emergency after just recovering from the last!

Luckily at this point, I’m quite used to working from hospital, so it hasn’t impacted too much into planning.

In fact, I had some MAJOR revelations and real light bulb moments!

There’s a different kind of branching- I suppose is the best way to describe it- through book four that will only be used for this particular story. And I was really worried about balancing the two very differing ways it could go.

One of them was obvious and really strong but the other felt weak in comparison, and in Wayhaven I always want each branch or variation to feel as good as another.

So I kinda let it mull in the back of my mind as I worked on the rest of the plan and the BAM! It just came to me! And I love it :D I know it works for sure as I can’t decide which is my favourite variation, which is always the way I know that it’s well balanced.

Also had to start getting out a lot more of my Echo World notes out that I’ve gathered over the years as this book involves far more of that than the others. Completely forgot some of the stuff I’ve written over the years for it! Was fun and kinda nostalgic to read through the mountains of it, lol!

I do have a specific date I want planning to be done by, and it’s looking good for that. Want to give myself enough time to really plan this time as things are getting very intertwined! But also I’m making sure to actually plan out specific important choice sets this time so as writing will hopefully go smoother and faster.

Next week it was planned to be social media days, but with my nan still in hospital I’m not entirely sure what will be happening, but for sure Patreon content will be going up. But I’ll definitely be pushing on with planning as that’s paper and pen and not internet reliant!

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual so I’ll talk to you all again next week!

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