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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 31.03.2023

Oh my word! THIS IS IT! The last update before Book Three is released!!!

If you can hear intense shrieking, it's just me, don't worry, hehe! :D

This week I got even more test playthroughs done of the final files and got back to Hosted Games about those, so that was fun but also so scary—to think this is it! A few days and Book Three will be released!!

We're still pushing forward on the build-up content! Hope you guys are enjoying that! Also working on some really fun and interesting things to come on Patreon starting next month, including the Spring Scenario Specials!

The winning scenarios from the poll were:

- Pet sitting Dylan (the firestation's golden retriever)

- A couple's self-care day

- Paintballing

- Spring cleaning the MC's apartment

Good choices, guys! :D I'm not sure which love interest will get which scenario yet, but I already have some very inspiring ideas, hehe!

It'll be good to have those to think on next week. On the one hand, I'm so nervous about release I can't think of much else, but on the other hand once it's released I know I'll really be able to throw myself into Book Four planning, and I am seriously excited for that!

Not the most cohesive update, I'm sorry. My brain is a super mush lately because I really can't focus on much else than the release with it SO close!

Next week, it'll all be focused on the release on April 6th!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll talk to you all on release day!!

Aaahhhh!! <3


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