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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 03.02.2024

This week was an interesting week!


As I said last week, I wanted A’s opening (well, all the love interest openings) to have a certain feel for Book Four.


At this point, both as the character and a reader, we want to be getting into the romance now. A real focus on it. It’s been months in-game, so the MC and their love interest know each other enough now that they’re definitely out of the flirtation stage, even if not in a relationship yet.


There’s that deeper bond that’s obvious/becoming obvious.


But in A’s case, things are a bit more…complicated, as always, hehe! :D


Even though A says they need to pull away, at the end of Book Three, they did actually admit their feelings. They no longer could deny the draw between the MC and themselves.


And this had a real impact on A.


It’s more difficult for them to force the feelings back behind their wall.


They will eventually, at least for a while, because they know they have to, especially after some stuff coming up in Book Four! But at least for a while they forget to do it and are more…open, in a way.


They’re not playing with the MC, or leading them on, it’s just they’re under the draw of the obvious soul-deep bond too and not sure how to approach it!


But that doesn’t mean the MC has to put up with that. Maybe they do just want to enjoy it too while A is being more open, or maybe they’ve learnt from all the past heartbreak and want to keep a wary distance even with the magnetic draw of A always there.


I want to do my best to get those options and variations across to my best ability!


So I did actually finish the base writing for A’s redone scene! But after starting on F’s…I’m already thinking of some choices I want to add into A’s to help with getting that variation in there for the MC to react to A being so…different, easy, open…it’s difficult for the MC (and A) to pin down, lol!


Next week is social media days, but I will be adding in those choices to A’s scene before diving back into F’s and the wonderful flirty comfort their scenes always bring, hehe! :D

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk to you all next week <3


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