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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 08.03.2024

Hey! It's Naomi here,

Mishka is having incredibly frustrating internet issues at the moment (cue some Agent Sewell style muttering about technology), so couldn't send me the update as usual.

Buuuuut, that being said she did want me to let you know that she is really on a roll with Book 4 - her fingers have been flying faster than ever over the keyboard (whilst also ignoring my own comments about RSI)!

She was also asking for my opinion of the "blurb" for Book 4 and although she says she's not 100% done with it yet, it's really awesome so far!

Because she's been doing so well, we pushed the social media days back to next week so we'll be working on that and she'll be continuing on with this amazing progress!

Mishka will be offline over the weekend (whether she wants to be or not it seems) so we hope you have an awesome weekend and we'll talk to you again on Monday!


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