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The Wayhaven Chronicles - Update 09.02.2024

As everyone is quite aware by now, I do love angst and big gestures! :D

It suits the way I enjoy to play out scenes and write them all as big moments and over the top emotions and scenes.

But weirdly, this week I switched it up completely! It was social media days this week and that included the Valentines scenario specials for Patreon! You guys decided on Unit Alpha for those, as well as the fun word prompts!

And normally I would do some building romantic tension type scenes with lots of intensity, but this time I wanted to practice and push myself to write out of my usual ‘comfort’ zone.

So the scenarios are more chill and much more like ‘what happens when you just fall into a romance after months of flirting?’ A more casual, realistic but still super romantic feel to them.

Don’t worry, the main series will still be full of all the usual intense drama and melodrama, hehe! :D But it was great fun to push myself into really writing something with a difference to my usual way I do scenes!

And it did seem good timing as the love interest scenes I’m working on at the moment in the main series I did want a more intimate and gentle feeling to, as I said last week, and I think these scenarios helped settle me further into that style for these scenes.

Blimey, that was a lot of blabbering, lol! But it was certainly a week that reminded me to think outside of the box for scenes and not always go for my first instinct!

Hope you all have the most incredible weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll talk to you all next week! <3

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