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The Wayhaven Chronicles- Update 10.02.2023

Oh, what a week!

Lots of getting prepped ready towards Book Three’s release! We have some fun plans coming for the build up closer to April!

I managed to get in some bits and pieces of plans towards Book Four planning, though mostly the focus is on getting everything prepared before I even reach that stage (though I did come up with a scene idea that I am already internally screaming about I am SO excited to write! :D).

But I really do want to get everything laid out really well before heading into Book Four planning. Things are getting a lot more complicated with the coding with so many branches in play now, so I don’t want anything to get lost! It means going through everything from character arcs, variables, to scenes in earlier books to make sure I can go into the planning phase as smoothly as possible.

I did get to do some writing this week though! I finished up the Patreon Valentine’s AU (alternate universe) scenarios!

Here’s what’s coming up on there:

Sweet Talker (Elidor Scenario Special—9th Feb)

The MC surprises Elidor at work, but overhears more than they bargained for…

It’s Been Too Long (Lesedi Scenario Special—14th Feb)

Being apart for so long is hard on both the MC and Lesedi, but the MC has a little surprise in mind to help with the homecoming…

Romantic Interlude (Tina Scenario Special—21st Feb)

Neither Tina or the MC are sure when the line between friendship and romance got crossed, but both are more than happy that it did!

Taste of Temptation (Falk Scenario Special—28th Feb)

The MC just knows taking a step into something more with Falk might just be a bad idea…but here they are, doing it anyway…


I had such an amazingly fun time writing these (Falk’s is actually a scene I’ve had playing in my head for years, so it was great fun getting the chance to write it out finally)!

Next week, we’ll be keeping working on Book Three release preparations, as well as getting further stuck into the prep work ready for Book Four planning. Will be interesting to go back and see how far the characters and relationships have come, hehe! :D

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next week.

Can’t believe how close we’re getting to the release of Book Three!! Aahhhhh!!!

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